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I am grateful for the lessons that life has taught me through these things. My goal is to use those lessons to help others see the world in a way that they might not have thought possible before – a way that helps them heal and grow from their own negative experiences. That's why when I want to share these lessons with others, I choose to do so through social media.

My Story

My views on how I feel about the world, the ways that I see it and how I choose to live in it are a reflection of my background, my culture, and my beliefs. For example, when I think about non-violence, I am reminded of Gandhi and his commitment to peace. When I think about the environment, I am reminded of my grandmother and her love for trees. When I think about faith, I am reminded of God and his teachings. And so on with every topic you can imagine: politics, relationships, food and drink, technology.

Plants need water when they shrivel after staying in the sunlight for a whole long day. Like that, human beings need Motivation when they get exhausted with family expectations and failures. We constantly need someone at our back to motivate us and push us ahead through the hardships. Some of us are lucky enough to grow up with a mentor—a parental figure or an older sibling who can offer advice, encouragement, and support whenever we need it. Some of us are not so lucky and end up feeling alone and overwhelmed by the obstacles in our way.

It's essential to have someone to talk to who can offer a fresh perspective on your problems and help you find solutions. But what if you don't have anyone like that around you? If you're looking for someone who can give you practical solutions to your problems without sugar-coating things, then Chintan Patel is here for you to help you reach that resolution between what's easy to say and what is practical to do in real life!

The Person

Chintan is a young motivational speaker known for his practical solutions to life's problems. He believes in offering people real solutions that work in reality. In his motivational videos, he gives tips on how to succeed in life and overcome the obstacles you might be facing right now. Chintan has achieved what he is today because of his inspiring views towards life and his hard work.

The motivational speaker has been through some traumatic experiences growing up, which helped him learn how to interact with people from all walks of life. He draws from those early experiences to help himself improve and motivate others to do the same.

Chintan is currently working toward being recognized as one of the top motivational speakers in the world. He is well on his way to achieving this goal and will eventually succeed through continued hard work, dedication, and perseverance. Chintan has dedicated several years to helping others. Apart from these, he is also an experienced HVAC technician. He has contributed to his family business and has learnt a lot of things. He is a multitasking person who is motivating people on YouTube and also works as an HVAC technician. At this time, many people are not able to do their single work but he is doing multiple works together. People should inspire by him because of his hard-work capabilities and creative mind.


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